London Review of Books

“Giant Eye Watching” by Adam Thirwell – on Mona by Pola Oloixarac

«A rapturous tour de force by Pola Oloixarac—one of the few writers I cannot live without—Mona is that novel that, once finished, leaves its reader perfectly, beautifully undone. Part mystery, part send-up of a literary world, part journey into night, Mona reminds us that no matter how far you fly, the past is always near. If Mona were any smarter, any funnier, any truer, I’m not sure my tender heart could have taken it.»

Junot Diaz

«Sly, bitter, and smart, Mona is at once a satirical comedy, a harrowing psychological portrait of a woman’s dissociation, and a philosophical indictment of the hubris of now. Read it and be surprised.«

Siri Husvedt

«It’s probably not news that international literary gatherings are rife for sharp satire, but they’re never as hilariously funny, weird, and adorable as the one portrayed in Mona. Brainy, cheerfully dirty, and caught in a fine mess, Mona herself, like this novel, is exhilarating company.«

Francisco Goldman

«Smart, provocative . . .  The rich inner life of its namesake character propels this vibrant examination of the writing world».

Publishers Weekly

«Desire, savage, indomitable, unapologetic. Pink velvet, labial. Miracle of flesh, mystery and joy of seduction: a provocative, defiant, clever, painful, empowering, hilarious novel of literary climax and sexual healing. Here the wild side masquerades in a pretty package of parody and pills, but then there’s Borges peeking coyly from behind the venetian blinds of this French-infused story of a Peruvian femme-fatale in Sweden, whose libido won’t surrender an inch. Like a sauna, better not enter this novel with your clothes on, and carrying a birch switch.»

Valerie Miles

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